We hear it often from clients and prospects, “Nobody look at the signs”. This can be a challenge in
potentially high-stress, complex and visually cluttered environments. In order to help combat this issue
and offer a more compelling wayfinding and identification message, we recommend integrating
impactful visual cues (graphics) with traditional wayfinding and identification elements.

Give Your Audience a Chance!

Understanding the challenges that face your patient and visitor audience is critical to creating solutions.
With literacy, language, color blindness and information retention challenges, presenting patients and
visitors with concise, consistent and visually impactful information is critical. By combining multiple
visual cues, you give your wayfinding and identification audience the best chance to not only understand
directions to their destination, but also remember where they have been to navigate back to their entry

Combine Visual Cues

As patients and visitors arrive on your campus and navigate to their destination, they are exposed to
many forms of wayfinding and identification information. Providing multiple visual cues greatly
increases the chance that information will be recognized and retained. Everyone processes information
differently. Some folks remember letters, others are more likely to recall numbers, colors or graphics.
Combining these elements in a well-organized way gives your users the opportunity to identify with a
visual cue they are likely to retain and use it to help them better navigate your campus.

Elevator Signage

IMPACT! Your Wayfinding Program

Integrating large format graphics as part of your wayfinding and identification program allows you to
combine the multiple visual cues that provide the most impact on a single platform. These interior or
exterior graphic applications can include stand-alone components or combine with traditional
wayfinding and identification elements. The INNERFACE IMPACT! system uses the latest in sub-surface
direct print technology to provide a cost-effective and durable option for graphics pieces of all sizes and
shapes. Once installed, these graphics provide key information related to defining spaces (entrances,
elevator banks, parking areas, departments, parking deck floors, etc) and navigating through your
complex campus. Your staff and volunteers will be able to tie verbal, written and online directions to
the visual elements folks will see as they enter your campus and navigate to and from their destination.
Many of the graphics programs that we have created integrate local art or branded graphics to not only
assist with wayfinding but also to improve the interior aesthetic and tell your story. Implementing
IMPACT! visuals on your campus is a great way to transform and update your wayfinding and
identification program while creating a more pleasant, effective and healing environment.