History of INNERFACE Architectural Signage, Inc., General Wayfinding

THE PURPOSE of our business is to design, implement and maintain well planned, effective wayfinding and identification solutions for our clients.

THE MISSION of our company is to provide signage / identification solutions that support and enhance our client brand, are relevant to their audience and improve their user experience. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver designed solutions accurately, on time and within budget. We believe that always striving to be “The Company That Does Things Right” translates to a positive outcome for our staff and client base.

Founded in 1971, INNERFACE is a full-service signage and wayfinding provider. We first patented the changeable frame and insert system in 1982 and continue to innovate in creating modular interior and exterior signage and wayfinding systems. Our environmental graphic design professionals have extensive experience creating effective signage and wayfinding systems in complex environments.

With over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing and support space, we are committed to rapid project turnaround. Our professional installers and field project managers are dedicated to keeping projects on track and the disruption to client campus environments to a minimum. With more than 44 years of service to clients, we are known nationwide as “The Company that Does Things Right”

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